Ayhan Evci lives in Hamburg, Germany and works as a music producer and composer. He produces music in various genres, in which he always seeks new ideas and uniqueness. Along with his sound and genre diversity, he has especially drawn the attention of the critics with the high standards of musicianship he has accomodated in his productions.

Ayhan EvciHe favors from endless universal sound possibilities and aims producing piece of music that is unique and timeless, without getting trapped by the clichés and daily trends. The first phase of the albums is the selection of the album repertoire. It then goes down with recording the vocals with a single accompanying instrument and building the pre-production upon it. Then the songs are arranged and the main production phase begins. The appropriate musicians are selected and guided throughout the recordings on the ideas of how it should be played. Afterwards, the final vocals are recorded.

The last two phases are the Mixdown and Mastering. In the Mixdown phase, each track is worked out so that each instrument in the track sounds in harmony with all the others. In the last phase, Mastering, all the tracks in the album are leveled out within each other so that the complete album has its own single unique sound.

In all of these productions, Ayhan Evci works with his long time professional musician and sound engineer colleagues from Hamburg and with the musicians, who are invited from all over Europe and Turkey, in accordance with the requirement of each production.